Summer 2018 Classes

We will have four weeks of intensive classes for our summer series. Classes start on June 25th and run through July 20th.

A.P. Cecchetti Exam Summer Intensive is an “Accelerated Preparation” course for Cecchetti dancers planning for their next level of exam. The emphasis will be on progressing technically, building strength and flexibility, increasing coordination and speed of learning. Daily ballet technique classes focusing on the Cecchetti Syllabi, as well as pre-pointe, pointe, dance improvisation and variations, and, most of all, having fun together, make for a varied and stimulating dance day.

Students wishing to take an exam must attend the full course. Students eligible for Pointe, must attend the full course.

Coaching classes will be offered to those candidates unable to attend all 4 weeks, or in need of private instruction, arranged with the Director, for an additional fee.

Students not taking an exam may register for any or all of the four weeks; however, they will enjoy and learn more by taking at least two weeks consecutively, if possible. Students new to Cheshire Dance Centre are urged to start the session at the beginning.