Updated Recital Information

Click below for the following schedules:

6/8/19 - Photo Day & Long Saturday Schedule

6/8/19 - Long Saturday Lunch Order Form

6/14/19 - Rules for Dress Rehearsal, Schedule for Dress Rehearsal

6/15/19 - Rules for Show Day, Show Day Schedule

6/15/19 - Cast Dinner Order Form

Studio Rehearsal Schedules

During the final weeks of the dance school year, our classes are all involved with recital preparations. Since many classes are combined for the recital dances, we invite and encourage all dancers who are in these combined dances to come to additional classes to practice with the other performers in their dance. This helps the choreographer to create the spatial patterns for the dances and above all helps all of the dancers to be confident. There is no extra charge for these classes and the dancers benefit from the added practice and the FUN of getting ready for the big performance day! Some classes will have MANDATORY combined rehearsals when all involved are expected to come.

Click here to download the rehearsal schedule.

Click here to download the revised Monday schedule.

 Recital Shoes

Dancers are required to have the proper style and color footwear for their dances. Please order your shoes with Dancer’s World as soon as possible so they are here in time for photo day. (203) 248-9304

Click here to download the required shoe list.