Classroom Attire

All Classes Dancewear only! No streetwear, or outer garments, may be worn over dancewear in any class!
All Female Ballet Students Any solid color leotard, ballet pink tights with feet and pink Angelo Luzio canvas ballet slippers. If shoe size is under child 10, use SoDanca pink leather ballet. Last years’ Recital dancewear (not costumes) will be allowed in most classes.
Pre-Pointe, Pointe Black leotard, short black skirt, ballet pink tights with fee, and pink pointe shoes (at the discretion of the Director)
Male Ballet Students White tee shirt, black tights (with dance belt), white socks, and white ballet slippers
Tap Students Leotard, tights, tap shorts (levels 1-3), tap pants (levels 4 and up). Capezio caramel flat shoes for Pre-Tap through Tap 3. Bloch black oxford shoes for Tap 4 & up. Black oxford shoes for boys.
Modern Bare feet, and appropriate dancewear required. Last years’ Recital dancewear may be worn.
Jazz Appropriate dancewear: leotard with tights, and dance shorts or pants, may be worn with Bloch or Capezio tan slip-on jazz shoes.
Examination Wear See separate page.


All long hair must be securely fastened off the face and neck. Short hair must be pulled off the face with a head band.  Jewelry may not be worn.

Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere within the Centre.

No streetshoes are permitted on the dance floors.

No streetwear, or outer garments, may be worn over dancewear in any class, but should be worn coming to and from the studio.

These rules apply for ALL classes!


Classes are structured to be progressive, and therefore perfect attendance is encouraged. A suggested arrival time of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class will allow time for dressing and pre-class warm-up. Students arriving in class after it has begun must make their excuses to the teacher and ask the teacher’s permission to participate in the class. The teacher may withhold such permission if a tardy arrival would cause potential injury to a student from lack of essential warm-up, or hinder the progress of the remainder of the class.

All classes missed due to illness may be made up at any time during the term in an equivalent class arranged through the Director

The Centre is not necessarily closed because school has been canceled.  When classes are canceled due to inclement weather, please check WTNH, WVIT or WFSB for a list of closings. Cancellations will also be posted on our website, If in doubt, check the studio answering machine (203) 699-8888 after 2:00 PM.  Classes may be made up in an equivalent class arranged through the Director.

Safety and Liability

Cheshire Dance Centre is dedicated to providing safe and sound dance instruction in a nurturing environment. Our studio’s free-floating birch floors, laid over two-inch carpet foam and covered with professional Rosco flooring, provide plenty of spring and cushioning to prevent shin splints and other injuries common to those studios with improper flooring.  Cheshire Dance Centre is not liable for any personal injury sustained by students on the school premises or as a result of students’ participation in classes or performances. Cheshire Dance Centre is not responsible for personal property lost or stolen from its premises.